Borders, Barriers, and Biedermeier

Technological Progress Spells the End of Globalization

Published by Dr Martin Hiesboeck

Futurist, Marketer, Policy Advisor for Companies and Government Head of Blockchain and Crypto Research at Uphold and CEO of Alpine Blockchain Consultants Zurich - London - New York - Taipei

5 thoughts on “Borders, Barriers, and Biedermeier

  1. A fascinating article – we especially agree with you re: “technology is actually enabling isolationism.”, however, our perspective is that this is true at a personal/individual level even more so than geopolitically. It is also interesting to read your views from 2017 and compare them to discourses of global connection through global governance projects such as BRICS and OBOR this year. We also think you are optimistic in stating it will take decades … we are of the belief it will happen soon, and when it does, very quickly (perhaps over a weekend) Bring on UBI!


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