Augmenting Digital Marketing Through Artificial Intelligence

Consumer Experience Changes Continuously

Customer behavior and experience change over time and there is much organizations can do to use that change to their own advantage. The customer experience changes all the time. The challenge this presents for businesses is to place the customer at the center of their organizational chart.

Customers do not care about the people in the organization chart, nor do they care about hierarchy. They probably won’t even be aware whether the person they are talking to is from the marketing or the sales department. All they do care about is how much emphasis you and your brand are placing on understanding them, their behavior, and most of all, their needs.

Creating the right level of customer satisfaction can only be done with the help of artificial intelligence. 

New analytics tools can change the way enterprises personalize the customer experience. As a human, personalizing to even an audience of 20 to 30 people can be a hard job, but this job gets even tougher when you have an audience of say a million customers. The cost of employing humans to create personalized experiences for such a large amount of customers would be prohibitive, perhaps even impossible.

But nowadays you see websites that personalize brilliantly. They reach out to each and every customer by calling out their names and letting them know that they are of immense importance to them. Artificial intelligence offers incredible potential to take this personalization even further

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The Role of AI

The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence is to augment the activities of every department in the organization. They allow enterprises and C-level management the luxury to get enhanced features and increased profitability from their operations. So far, customers have reacted well to the changes that have been brought forward through the use of ML and AI. The enhanced, more personalized interactions machine learning and artificial facilitate improve customer experience, and thus brand loyalty and retention.

While we can all testify to the success of AI in increasing interactions between customers and businesses, the role of artificial intelligence in augmenting digital marketers is still dubious. Primitive AI systems have been abused to spam; programmatic advertising has annoyed consumers.




Here are four ways digital marketers can embrace AI productively:

Managing the Customer Journey

Managing customer trends is an important part of the journey for every digital marketer. Digital marketers need to know the psyche of customers and understand trends and anomalies present in the market.

Moreover, the marketer should also know which anomaly is helpful for them, and which can harm their efforts. AI augments marketers in understanding such trends at the right time in the customer acquisition process. Once an anomaly is found, AI will suggest a list of reasons behind the anomaly, because this is what these machines are superb at.

Moreover, the system will record all such anomalies and reproduce them in a graph. Such charts show the performance of the marketer and how it was affected by trends. Every up and down within the chart will come with a description regarding why the change transpired, allowing managers to better evaluate marketing performance and plan ahead.

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Personalization at Scale

The ability to personalize at scale is something that will further showcase the augmentation effect of AI for digital marketers. It is tough for humans to personalize to large audiences; intelligent systems are much more efficient for this purpose.

With the use of AI and ML, you can also personalize your website or app experience. Users come with numerous diverse preferences, so it is insane to develop one single page to cater to all their preferences. Thus by personalizing the page for their preferences through the use of AI, you will have the luxury of creating a personalized web page for all users.


Finding the Right Content

There are over a hundred million assets present on the Internet. Your own website might have various pictures, blogs, and a catalog that may not really help people in getting the right results. The aim behind augmentation from AI is to help people search these assets and get to the right results in an efficient way.

Artificial intelligence can assist users in sifting through thousands upon thousands of blog posts, images, videos and other content to curate the right message for their business.

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Creating the Right Content

With the use of artificial intelligence, digital marketers can know the results of content ideas right at the click of a button. If you are creating infographics, you can easily go through the graphics that best suits your needs. If you want to implement changes on a large scale, you can also see these changes before the content goes online. Creating the right content was never easier.

The main challenge in the future will be to assess the content deemed feasible for posting. Content requirements and preferences will change over time, and it is the responsibility of digital marketers to manage this change.

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Published by Dr Martin Hiesboeck

Futurist, Marketer, Policy Advisor for Companies and Government Head of Blockchain and Crypto Research at Uphold and CEO of Alpine Blockchain Consultants Zurich - London - New York - Taipei

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